De Lilith a 10 de Julho de 2014 às 19:24
Acabei de deixar o seguinte comentário no blog do Sr. Len Port:

"Although we in Portugal need all the help we can get to ban bullfights forever, it is a very well known fact that more and more people are joining the "anti" side. Our biggest problem is not the number of people who enjoy and go to bullfights (because those are very few); no, the biggest problem is the number of people who are indifferent to bullfights.

It is important to create awareness, both in Portugal (and the rest of the bullfight-hosting countries) and Worldwide. As time passes and technology leaps forward, we are more and more connected and the concept of a global society is becoming more and more real in several aspects of our daily lives. International pressures would help tremendously in the fight against animal cruelty.

As a portuguese citizen, I can say I would like to protect my patrimony, my traditions and my culture, but I do not consider bullfights a part of my patrimony, traditions or culture! They are cruel, they are torture, and they should be nothing more than history."
De Isabel A. Ferreira a 10 de Julho de 2014 às 20:00
Excelente comentário Lilith.

A tourada vai passar à História Negra da Humanidade, e com ela todos aqueles que a praticaram,aplaudiram, apoiaram e promoveram.

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